What We Do For You

Supply You The Parts

Our hardwood stairs are custom built to meet your every requirement and are factory assembled and ready for installation. You can pick up your stair in one piece and install it yourself. Our oak stairs and oak railings are geared towards the "do-it-yourselfer". Assembling your own custom order can save you hundreds of dollars.

Why Install it Yourself?

  • Less expensive than if we install your job.
  • You get the satisfaction of installing your brand new Custom Hardwood Staircase and Railing.
  • You can install at your own pace instead of waiting for us to install it.

How To Install

If you would like to install your own custom oak stairs and oak railings, we would suggest that you have at least some carpentry experience. We will be able to fill in the rest. Feel free to look at our Step by Step Installation Guide.