What We Do For You

R & K Woodworking Specialists Inc.'s standard features include: fully sanded balusters, posts, nosing, treads, stringers, and railings ready for finishing spacer Solid oak plugs (not putty or dowels) spacer no metal under the railing (instead we use solid wood filler to make for an all-round professional finish) spacer twist and curved railings are solid oak (not laminated on a form) spacer heavier stringers (thicker and wider) spacer more glue blocks (to strengthen risers under each tread thereby reducing vibration) spacer veneered edges on stringers spacer and multiple available, customizable nosing styles.

Our optional features include: cove moulding under each tread spacer oak veneer on the back of circular stairs spacer and stair accent brackets.


We install your oak stairs and oak railing so that you can sit back, relax and wait for it to be done for you by our trained and experienced installers.

Stair Cladding/Covering

We clad/cover your old stairs with new a hardwood staircase. This gives an old stair a new chance for life.

Stair and Railing Repairs

Why spend all the money to get a new set of oak or other hardwood stairs and railng when what you already have just needs a little tender love and care?

Supply You The Parts

Our hardwood stairs are custom built to meet your every requirement and are factory assembled and ready for installation. You can pick up your stair in one piece and install it yourself. Our oak stairs and oak railings are geared towards the "do-it-yourselfer". Assembling your own custom order can save you hundreds of dollars.